Extension and Accuracy


Danley SH50

Danley SH50 tops each with 2 x 12″, 4 x 5″ and 1 x 1″

Danley Labhorn

Danley Labhorn subwoofers each with dual 12″ drivers in a sealed box horn design

SPL B DEAP Danley Horn

SPL B DEAP Danley Horn Subwoofers each with dual 12″ drivers in a sealed box horn design


QSC PL340 4000 watt analog amplifiers

Seaton Submersive HP

Seaton Submersive HP Subwoofers each with dual opposing 15″ drivers in a sealed box design


QSC HPR122i tops each with a 12″ driver and a 1.4″ compression driver

Marchand XM9

Marchand XM9 analog crossover

Marchand XM16

Marchand XM16 analog crossover

Marchand XM44-2

Marchand XM44-2 analog crossover

Drawmer 1961

Drawmer 1961 tube analog equalizer

Summit Audio FeQ-50

Summit Audio FeQ-50 passive tube/solid state analog equalizers

Drawmer DL441

Drawmer DL441 analog compression and limiting

Allen & Heath Xone 92

Allen & Heath Xone 92 DJ mixer

Midas Venice 320

Midas Venice 320 Analog Mixer

Neve 8816

Neve 8816 analog summing mixer

Dangerous 2-BusLT

Dangerous 2-BusLT analog summing mixer

Technics SL1200MKII

Technics SL1200MKII with SL1210M5G tonearm, M3D clickless pitch fader and Mogami Gold RCA