Tar & Feathered Presents Virginia [Ostgut Ton] & Anthony Parasole [Deconstruct] .

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Line up:

Virginia (US Debut)
[Ostgut Ton | Underground Quality | Berlin]

Anthony Parasole
[Deconstruct | The Corner | UQ | Brooklyn]

Gio & Point Break
[Tar & Feathered | NY]

For the second edition of Tar & Feathered we are pairing two artists we believe will continue to shine in 2012 and beyond.

Virginia (US Debut)
[Ostgut Ton | Underground Quality | Berlin] US DEBUT!

While she is widely known as a vocalist, Virginia’s track selection and overall DJ prowess will soon no longer be just a well kept industry secret. While in Berlin last August we were lucky enough to witness a four hour set by Virginia at Panorama Bar. Out of the countless DJs sets heard in Berlin last summer, this one was by far the most unique and in tune with the room. This set coupled with the depth of her Fabric Promo mix created all of the belief behind this booking for our Tar and Feathered party. In 2011 she played multiple dates at Panorama Bar in Berlin, Fabric in London, and concluded the year by playing at Panorama Bar for their New Year’s celebration. Virginia is surely one to watch out for and we are very honored and excited to host her first ever North American appearance right here in NYC.

Official Bio: http://ostgut.de/booking/artist/31

Fabric Promo mix:

Selected discography of Virginia

Steffi “Yours feat. Virginia”, Ostgut Ton

Steffi “You own my Mind feat. Virginia”, Ostgut Ton

Steffi “Reasons vocals by Virginia”, Underground Quality

Abe Duque feat. Virginia “Bumble Bee”, History Records

Butch & Virginia “Mass Appeal”, Area Remote

Steve Bug feat. Collaboratory Remixes, “Trust in Me” by John Daly, Pokerflat

G. Cenammo/ Pier Bucci feat. Virginia Salsacanaca Remix, Monique Speciale

Solar & Poppcke and Virginia “Our Days”, Plastic City

Abe Duque & Virginia „ Following My Heart” ADR

Steve Bug & Virginia „ Trust in Me”, Pokerflat

Poppcke & Virginia „See My Eyes”, Darkroom Dubs

Butch & Virginia „From Above”, Area Remote


Anthony Parasole
[Deconstruct | The Corner | UQ | Brooklyn]

Anthony Parasole is a DJ, producer, label owner and all around music lover of the purist form. Parasole is one of those DJs whose love for the music is transcribed through his track selections and body language while on the decks. This man loves this music. His label Deconstruct that he runs with Levon Vincent is held in such high regards across the globe with releases that have been championed by heads such as Shed, Ben Klock, and Marcel Dettmann to name a few. Parasole has been quite busy in the studio and as a result his release “Tyson” is featured on the upcoming Fabric 63 mix by label co-pilot Levon Vincent. Anthony is also set to launch his new label The Corner with a massive track from DJ QU entitled “Times Like These”. From his DJ sets to his productions to his A+R talent, we feel Anthony is the perfect pairing for Viginia at the second edition our party.

Anthony Parasole should need no introduction to newer or longer-standing denizens of the New York Deep House and Techno scenes. A longtime employee of halcyon, friend of Levon Vincent and partner in Deconstruct Music, and a prominent figure in underground house and Techno circles, Anthony’s acute selections won our ears right away, and he hasn’t let go since. Known for the deepest sounds of Techno and House and for gracing multiple dancefloors home and abroad from Shelter to Berghain, Anthony is primed for a breakout year in 2012 with productions in the pipeline as well as a new imprint ready to launch in a few weeks.


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Gio & Point Break
[Tar & Feathered | NY]

Point Break Brooklyn Bass feature:



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