Sound Noir & Algo Rhythm present Creep Acid with James T Cotton

March 3 at 10:00pm until March 4 at 12:00pm

a hidden loft RSVP to

The Jakbeat is upon us!

Algo Rhythm and Sound Noir are coming together once again to bring you a never-ending night of dance macabre with the undisputed master of darkness, the one and only James T Cotton also known as Dabrye and Tadd Mullinix – the man who started acid renaissance ten years ago and stays in the forefront today as a member of Nation family and Spectral Sound. Leading you up to his set and towards the afternoon will be resident selector heads JM de Frias, J Red, A.Arias & Andrey Radovski.

Hidden among Brooklyn’s disused industrial structures is the unique 2-level loft filled with bizzare artworks and unexplained artefacts – there the party is always on – you’ll see the sun come up and possibly go down from the open rooftop that doubles as a smoking lounge. Back on the main floor you will be greeted by the waves of powerful and clear sound provided by our friends at SubBASS. Stay a while.

James T Cotton (Nation, Spectral Sound| Ann Arbor) – 3 hour set

JM de Frias & A.Arias (Algo Rhythm, Sequencias)

J Red & Andrey Radovski (Sound Noir)

Jemina Vita (Sound Noir)


$20 all night // limited capacity by 3pm Saturday to find out the address


The address will be released via email on the day of the event.