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ReSolute & Blkmarket Membership July 4th Party

VALENTINO KANZYANI (Jesus Loved You) // Slovenia

D’JULZ (Bass Culture) // France

CHRIS FORTIER (Fade Records) // United States

RICK WADE (Harmonie Park) // United States

JOEY ANDERSON (Inimeg Records) // United States

Raresh + Praslea = Praslesh Marathon

Raresh + Praslea = Praslesh


Lauren Ritter


ReSolute presents Pachanga Boys, Juan MacLean & more

Superpitcher + Rebolledo = Pachanga Boys / Hippie Dance (Kompakt)

The Juan MacLean (DFA)

Alex From Tokyo (Tokyo Black Star, Innervisions)

Connie Yin aka Constar (ReSolute)- special sunrise set w/live keys by Rocio Segura

WORA: write once, run anywhere

A/JUS/TED (experiments)

Soul 2 Seoul (Basement Floor)

Paul Raffaele b2b Barbie Bertisch (Love Injection)

Drum Machine Circle (Noon-3pm)

Morning Gloryville NYC ~ Rave Your Way Into The Day! EPISODE #13

:: MUSIC ::

Darshan Jesrani / Metro Area

Tomas Station

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